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01 Commercial

DMC Service, Inc. was founded in 2004 as a commercial service HVAC company.

We are a full service mechanical contractor that specializes in repair, maintenance and service of any piece of mechanical equipment in your building, office, plant or data center.

02 Residential

As a home-owner, you need fast, friendly, knowledgeable service when the “mechanical items” in your home fail.

No one wants to take cold showers because their hot water heater is out or suffer in a HOT home in the summer or COLD home in the winter because their HVAC system isn’t functioning.

DMC Service

Founded in 2004, DMC Service, Inc. is proud of our legacy of delivering unmatched technical skill and phenomenal customer service for more than a decade.


DMC, Inc. is a trustworthy company that strives to perform at a high level. The work they perform is top notch and they follow through to complete a project on time and within budget.

Dave Goerke, DGA Associates
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  • Maintain, service and replace generators and units for fleet of mobile medical units.
  • Maintain & service water cooled chillers for local concrete company.
  • Backflow testing, installation and repair.
  • Maintain, service and replace cell tower site BARD units.
  • Provide and replace 6 20-Ton computer room units, including all new piping and electrical.
  • Installed Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) gas detection system and radiant tube heaters.
  • Maintain and service Fulton boiler.

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Lenexa, KS 66285

Helpful Tip

An important aspect of maintaining your commercial or residential air conditioning systems, along with having them serviced twice a year, is to have the filters changed quarterly (or more depending on the application.) This will help prevent the air filters from getting clogged up which cases the unit(s) to freeze up.  This will cause your air conditioning systems to not work! In some cases, filters need to be changed even more often than quarterly.  Ask your technician to give you the optimal filter change out schedule.