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Is a HVAC Split System right for your business?

A commercial HVAC split system is ideal if your commercial building has enough indoor space to accommodate a large HVAC cabinet.


Choosing between a split system and packaged unit (often referred to as rooftop units or ‘RTU’s’) can be difficult as they both have their pros and cons. Several considerations should be taken into account before making your decision. The benefits of a split system for businesses are:


  • They have high energy efficiency
  • This energy efficiency has the potential to add resale value
  • Their placement is more flexible and customizable
  • Maintenance costs are generally lower

However, when considering a split system, you should also consider that:


  • They’re more expensive to install
  • If they’re not installed correctly, it can compromise their efficiency
  • They have more moving parts, leading to higher likelihood of leaks.
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Is a HVAC Split System right for your business
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Commercial HVAC Company Specializing in Split Systems

When installing a split system in your business facility, it’s crucial to work with professionals who can offer you sound advice and help you make the best decision for your business. That’s where DMC comes in.

If you’re looking for knowledgable HVAC companies in the Kansas City area, DMC understands HVAC systems inside and out.


The team at DMC can help you:


  • Install your split system
  • Service your system for optimal performance
  • Repair and fix any issues that arise with your split system
  • Advise you on everything from design to configuration to maintenance.


We get to know the needs of your business so that we can help you find the right HVAC solution first time around. Contact us today to speak with one of our technicians about how we can help: 913-481-0505

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