6 Benefits Of Regular HVAC Maintenance In Commercial And Multi-family Situations

6 Benefits Of Regular HVAC Maintenance In Commercial And Multi-family Situations

We’ve written before about the benefits of preventative maintenance on your commercial HVAC system, and we’re here to reiterate the many reasons regular HVAC maintenance is so important.

This time, we’re looking more specifically at multi-family properties as well as commercial premises, as issues with HVAC systems in either situation can have many repercussions you don’t want.

Why is regular maintenance in multi-family properties so important?

The number one reason it’s important to maintain HVAC systems in multi-family properties is, of course, cost. Repairing a broken system can be very expensive, eating into revenue and reducing your profits. It’s much more economical in the long-term to ensure that you have your system regularly maintained by a commercial HVAC company who can spot any potential issues before they become fully-fledged problems.

Aside from the cost factor, broken or unreliable HVAC systems are a cause of tenant dissatisfaction, whether that’s because the system keeps breaking down, or because of high energy bills.

In general, regular maintenance also improves the look of a residential property, making it more appealing to existing and potential tenants.

6 benefits of regular HVAC maintenance

It’s easy to think that if there’s nothing immediately wrong with your HVAC system, paying to have it regularly maintained is a waste of money. However, a study by Jones Lang LaSalle has shown that it’s possible to get up to a 545% ROI if you invest in regularly maintaining your system. It’s possible to get a far better return on investment if you have your system regularly maintained by a commercial HVAC contractor, rather than spending money on it only when something goes wrong.

Keeping your HVAC system regularly maintained and in good condition has a number of benefits:

1. Your system will run at optimal efficiency

2. Energy bills will be reduced

3. You won’t need as many system repairs

4. Tenants and any users of your commercial properties will be more satisfied

5. Reactive repair costs will be reduced

6. Your HVAC system will last for longer, increasing its ROI

What does regular HVAC maintenance include?

Commercial HVAC contractors typically provide regular system maintenance for commercial and multi-family properties that includes:

  • Identifying issues such as worn parts before they cause a real (and costly) problem
  • Optimizing system performance
  • Cleaning external and internal components (this is especially important in ensuring healthy air quality)
  • Addressing potential fire hazards and other safety concerns

The ultimate benefit of regular HVAC maintenance in numbers

Let’s take a boiler as an example. The average cost of regularly maintaining a commercial boiler, or a boiler in a multi-family property, is $2,000 per year. The average cost for repairing a broken boiler can be as much as $10,000, or even more*.

Additionally, you’ll need to replace an unmaintained boiler years earlier than you would a boiler that’s been regularly maintained.

As the authors of the Jones Lang LaSalle study conclude, “The results of the analysis […] were overwhelmingly positive for performing preventive maintenance. The analysis shows that an investment in PM not only pays for itself but also produces a huge return on the investment.”

Commercial HVAC Services near Kansas City, MO

Through our experience in providing commercial HVAC services to Kansas City, Olathe, and Overland Park companies over a number of years, we’ve built relationships with both employees and tenants of residential properties. This not only facilitates our work, but also means it’s easier on building managers. A regular maintenance plan also means that you get priority service from local HVAC experts.

If you’re looking for a commercial HVAC company near Kansas City, contact us today for your customized quote.

*Costs based on average prices in 2020. These numbers are not quotes, as every system is configured differently.