Preparing Your HVAC System for Colder Temperatures: Why It’s Important And When To Do It

Preparing Your HVAC System for Colder Temperatures: Why It’s Important And When To Do It

Unbelievably, it’s almost that time of year again. After some hot and humid summer months, now’s the time to look ahead to a colder climate and start thinking about fall preventive maintenance for your HVAC system.

Already? But it’s just turning into fall! Why now? The start of fall is the best time to service the heating side of your HVAC system, and here’s why.

Why should you consider preventative maintenance for your HVAC system in fall?

This advice applies equally to commercial HVAC systems and residential systems: the start of fall is when you should prepare your home or business for the winter, because it’s important to have everything ready for when the temperature drops. 

You don’t want to wait until that happens to find out there’s something wrong with your heating system, especially if you have a commercial building with employees and/or visiting customers. It’s important to make preparations now so that you can be confident your heating system will see you through the winter.

There are also other benefits of maintaining your HVAC system, including:

  • Protecting your system from debris:

Part of properly maintaining your HVAC system also means cleaning the equipment and the area around it of dirt and debris, so you’re protecting your system’s internal components from being damaged or obstructed, which in turn causes improper performance.

  • Preventing potential issues:

Winterizing your HVAC system means you’ll help to eliminate potential issues such as clogging, rusting, mechanical and electrical issues. You may also uncover minor issues that can easily be fixed before they become larger and more expensive problems.

  • Saving money:

Proper routine preventive maintenance that follows manufacturer and industry standards is designed to prevent or catch operational issues before they happen or turn into more costly repairs. This ensures proper system operation and efficiency. Just like an oil change on your car, proper maintenance of your HVAC system saves you money in both the short and long term.  

Why should I hire a professional HVAC contractor to perform maintenance?  

Simply put, hiring a professional HVAC company will save you money, as they have the expertise and knowledge to easily identify and solve small problems that might ultimately result in an expensive fix if they aren’t spotted in time.

Properly maintaining your residential or commercial HVAC system every fall is an important process, and one which can help prevent your system breaking down during the coldest months while saving you money.

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