Project Profile: Commercial Plumbing Services

How we fixed the overwhelming sewer odor in a company headquarters


Our commercial plumbers were called to a 97,000sq.ft. company headquarters in the Kansas City metro area when their employees started to notice a pervasive sewer odor throughout the building, and were unable to identify the source. This odor was affecting employee morale and productivity, and the company needed an industrial plumbing company to find and fix the issue urgently.


DMC Service arrived, checked all the ‘usual suspects’, i.e. clogged toilets, urinals, and p-traps, but our commercial plumbers weren’t immediately able to identify the source of the odor. However, when they performed a smoke test, they identified multiple leaks in the main vent line, which originated in the break room. Once the area was identified, the wall was opened up and the exact source was identified. The main vent line had multiple areas of disintegration, allowing sewer gas to escape and causing the terrible smell.


Our plumbers alerted the customer of this issue immediately, and provided a quote to repair the vent line. The company approved, and our technicians got to work quickly, replacing the main lines. Once the repairs were made, they patched the wall for the company maintenance staff to repaint. Everyone was thrilled that the ‘sewer smell’ was eliminated!