Project Profile: Commercial HVAC Services

Replacing multiple HVAC units on an expansive low-profile building


When a Fortune 500 company in Kansas City needed commercial HVAC services, DMC Service were the HVAC contractors they called. Their headquarters had five 20-ton roof top units (RTUs) that needed to be replaced, but due to the expansive footprint, location of the RTUs, and limited parking lot space, we determined that a traditional boom crane would not be a safe or efficient choice to perform the equipment replacements.


Because this HVAC service couldn’t be completed with a crane, we decided to use a helicopter company to remove the existing RTUs. A helicopter removed the existing RTUs and placed the new commercial HVAC units on the roof.


Using a helicopter to replace the HVAC units was a quick, efficient, and safe way to complete the job. The client was extremely pleased with the outcome, and it was one of the most exciting industrial HVAC jobs we’ve worked on!