Project Profile: Specialty “CNG Maintenance”

Safe & cost-effective CNG vehicle maintenance shop conversion


When a global freight company wanted to convert its truck fleet to use the energy-efficient and cost-effective Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as a fuel source, they called on DMC’s specialty CNG maintenance team. The freight company needed to perform routine maintenance on their newly-converted delivery vehicles, which meant converting their maintenance facility into a zero-flame environment. The facility needed to meet national code standards and ensure the highest level of safety for employees.


DMC Service coordinated with key stake holders locally and nationally to ensure a seamless and safe conversion. In addition to high-powered exhaust fans and make up air units (MAU), all flame-producing equipment was replaced with zero-flame equivalents. Most importantly, the actual CNG gas detection system, including sensors, had to be installed and tied to critical equipment and building fire suppression and control systems.


DMC Service successfully executed the entire process of converting the maintenance shop. During the project, we developed our proprietary “Diamond Process”, which meant we could install the CNG detection system while ensuring the highest levels of safety. This proprietary process also allows for the simplest and most cost-effective way to maintain the critical system sensors.