How To Select A Commercial HVAC Company

How To Select A Commercial HVAC Company

If you own or rent a commercial property, are planning on buying a new space or you’re having your commercial building renovated, it’s important that you know how to select a commercial HVAC company you can rely on. In this article, we explore the criteria you can use to select an HVAC company that provides high quality, reliable services.

What Does A Commercial HVAC Company Do?

It may sound obvious, but when it comes to choosing between different HVAC companies, it’s crucial that you understand exactly what they do and what services they offer, so you can ensure your exact needs are met. Commercial HVAC companies typically cater to the needs of different sized businesses, specifically in terms of internal climate control. As the acronym suggests, these are the companies you rely on to install, maintain and repair the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems of a shop, store, or commercial building.

The need for HVAC systems varies depending on the season, location, and size of your building. Thermal comfort inside a building is the primary thing to consider when installing HVAC systems, but the quality of air is also a crucial factor. To prevent any dust, pollutants, or potentially toxic gases from accumulating, HVAC systems should ensure that the air in your property is properly filtered and ventilated.

A commercial HVAC company has the technical expertise and equipment to set up and maintain HVAC systems in workspaces. These centralized systems require various components, such as:

  • Duct work: The collection of tubes that are installed in the walls and ceilings, where they work to distribute the cooled or heated air throughout a building.
  • Pipes: These can either be heating pipes that carry hot water from the boiler, or gas pipes that supply combustible gas to the boiler. Pipes are typically integrated into the plumbing system.
  • Heat exchanger: This is part of the furnace, and can be gas- or electric-powered. It works by absorbing heat from the furnace, which is then used to warm the air.
  • Blower motor: This could be several units in a centralized HVAC system. It’s attached to fans that force the heated or cooled air to circulate the building through the ducts.
  • Compressor or condenser coil: This is the power horse of your entire air conditioning unit. It compresses the refrigerant, cooling the air around the coil in the process. The cool air is then blown out by the blower fans. 
  • Combustion chamber: This is the main component of the furnace that allows for the proper mixing and burning of fuel and oxygen. 
  • Evaporator coil: As the name suggests, the role of this component is to evaporate the heat exchange fluid or refrigerant. It has nozzles that spray the refrigerant inside the coil, which vaporizes it and allows it to release the heat more efficiently.
  • Thermostat: This could either be analog or digital. Its main role is to control the temperature in your HVAC system, and it can be programmed to automatically adjust the temperature depending on what is needed.

What To Consider When Choosing A Commercial HVAC Company

Hiring a commercial HVAC company is similar to hiring an individual employee: you must set some standards, do your background checks, and interview them. We’re not saying that the interview should be formal; it could just be a simple phone call asking for some details about the company’s services and credentials.

Here are some criteria that you can use as guidance when choosing a commercial HVAC company:

  • Quality: Look for a company that provides high quality work and is competent in the particular HVAC project you need. It’s also important that your chosen company has expertise in terms of installation, maintenance, and repairs. 
  • Specialization: This is connected to quality and competence. A company that specializes in one particular type of HVAC system, such as gas-powered heaters, is likely to be incredibly good and reliable in that field. Look out for companies that specialize in your desired area so that you can hire with confidence.
  • Safety: The company you choose must be able to provide safety features for your HVAC system, especially if you have a gas-powered furnace.
  • Independent reviews: Look for independent reviews online or through other parties, like former clients of the company. This will either expose any warning flags or increase your confidence by giving you an honest overview of how the HVAC company you’re considering treats its customers and handles its business.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Make sure to compare quotes from a number of companies so that you can choose the most cost-effective solution, without necessarily sacrificing the quality and efficiency of the services being offered. (Don’t just go for the cheapest – it can be more expensive in the long run if the work isn’t of a good enough standard!)

In addition to this criteria, here are some steps you could take when hiring an HVAC company:

1. Search for several companies who are based locally or nearby (if you’re in the Kansas metro area, get in touch with us!)

2. Visit their website or call for details

3. Assess how each company meets the above criteria

4. Narrow down your search to the top three

5. Ask for their licensing documents (these vary from state to state)

6. Ask for quotes

7. Assess their service level agreement promises on response times for emergency calls

8. Choose the company that seems to provide the best, most cost-effective service for your needs

Benefits Of Hiring A Commercial HVAC Company

Choosing the right commercial HVAC company for your business will give you peace of mind, and will ultimately be worth every cent you spend. If you hire an HVAC company that specializes in commercial spaces, benefits include:

  • Cost-effectiveness: High overall value, a combination of fair price and high quality services.
  • Service Levels: They will meet or exceed promised arrival times to emergencies.
  • High Confidence: You can be assured of the competence and in-depth knowledge of workers in  commercial HVAC companies since they have had the proper training and certification.
  • Safety: Safety is a primary concern, and professional HVAC companies can help ensure your system is completely safe by installing specialized safety features, which will prevent potential damage or disaster. 

If you’re in the Kansas City metro area and would like to chat about your commercial HVAC system, contact us today for your customized quote.

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